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“Australia's protectionist law is pushing trade in culturally significant Aboriginal Art overseas and weakening the local market.” (2015)



Aboriginal art occupies a prominent position in the re-evaluation of contemporary art practice, continuing to excite curators and collectors worldwide. The unique combination of an art with a varied and dynamic aesthetic, and with living links to traditional spiritual practice, has proved appealing to cultural institutions and private collectors alike.

ArtiFacts offers services to assist with selection and/or anonymous acquisition of works of art, and is pleased to profile the depth and breadth of available work via the links provided on this site.

For the purpose of this website, the word Aboriginal also denotes Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Indigenous Art Fairs and Awards

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair
Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair
Desert Mob
Telstra National Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Art Award
TOGART Contemporary Art Award
Victorian Indigenous Art Awards
Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards
The bi-annual Melbourne Art Fair 
and the Sydney Contemporary art fair also showcases premier galleries exhibiting Indigenous art.

Maps & Other Resources

Aboriginal Art Directory

AITSIS – Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Studies

Australia Council - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts

Australian Government – Indigenous Policies and Programmes
Indigenous Language Map

NT • QLD • SA • WA



A number of government art institutions have specific foundations and programs dedicated to supporting their Indigenous collections. Benefaction is also supported through donations to state gallery foundations, and by gifts of works of art through the federal government’s Cultural Gifts Program. In addition, a number of community art centres are designated deductible gift recipients under Australian tax law.

ArtiFacts is pleased to provide the following links in support of available benefaction programs. ArtiFacts can also provide advice and valuations for intended cultural heritage donations.

Art Gallery of New South Wales
Art Gallery of South Australia
Art Gallery of Western Australia
National Gallery of Australia
National Gallery of Victoria
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art
Museums & Art Galley of the Northern Territory
Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program
Australian Government’s Register of Cultural Organisations
Federal Deductible Gift Recipients

Benefaction through Art Donation and/or Purchase for Other Indigenous Causes
Aboriginal Benefits Foundation
Menzies School of Health Research
Koorie Heritage Trust Fundraising Art Auction
Shalom Gamarada – Fundraising Art Exhibitions for Indigenous Medical Student Scholarships
APS Bendi Lango – Supporting Indigenous Psychology



ArtiFacts offers collection management services to assist collectors navigate regulatory matters pertaining to art and cultural heritage. The following links offer information on current state and federal legislation and policies governing cultural heritage, including the interstate movement and/or export of material, the Indigenous Art Code and the Resale Royalty Scheme.

Government Contacts

Cultural Ministers Council


Heritage Legislation & Policy



Resale Royalty Scheme and

Indigenous Art Code

Resale Royalty Scheme
Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct

Policy Positions 

Australia Council
National Association for the Visual Arts
Visual Arts Copyright Collecting Agency Vi$copy

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)

I have also written and commented on these matters in the press. See ArtSpeak Market Commentary page for SMSFs, and articles below can be found on the ArtSpeak Articles page:

• Deciphering the Code

• An American Love Affair: Interview with John Wilkerson (Protection of Moveable Cultural Heritage Act)

• Moral Lip Service: Government's Hard Hit at the Art Market is a Soft Form of Redress

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