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"Raffan is no stranger to the scholarly essay ... her writing style, though, is extremely adept at conveying the art's complexities and recent histories with a logic and accessibility ... It's tempting to draw comparisons between Power + Colour and the (largely) Aboriginal art collection-based publications from the late Colin Laverty and his partner Elizabeth. In both cases, the publications tend to outrival anything comparable produced by our public institutions."

Maurice O’Riordan, Art Monthly, 2013


Power + Colour: New Painting from the Corrigan Collection of 21st Century Aboriginal Art, Macmillan, VIC, 2012

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Bagu: Matter and Spirit in Rainforest Country / L’Esprit de la Forêt Tropicale, Éditions Arts d'Australie, Paris, 2016

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Ningura Napurrula: Peindre our Nourrir le Réve, Éditions Arts d'Australie, Paris, 2014

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Abie Loy Kemarre: Abstraction Lyrique, Éditions Arts d'Australie, Paris, 2013
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