Accredited valuer for the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program: approved to value Australian art (painting, works on paper, prints and sculpture) after 1880; Australian painted ceramics from 1930; Australian photography after 1960; Australian indigenous art after 1970 (incl. new media), and bark paintings; all regions.

Vice President of the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia, Inc., NSW; Certified Practising Valuer No.441

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Member of the Art Consulting Association of Australia; Accredited Valuer No.007

Jane Raffan’s advisory practice, ArtiFacts, delivers dependable and expert advice to help collectors navigate the Australian art market, and in particular, the highly diverse and complex field of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.

ArtiFacts offers a full range of valuations and tailored services for collectors and corporate entities wishing to appraise, acquire, rationalise and capitalise, including management of sales on the growing European auction market.

ArtiFacts also offers audit and inventory, project management and collection management services for private collectors, public institutions and government agencies, as well as a range of valuation services for due diligence purposes.


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Catalogue Essay:

‘Lin Onus: Moonlight at Numerili 2, 1993’, Australian and International Fine Art and Sculpture, Menzies Art Brands auction,  31 Mar 2021

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Market Commentary:

‘Bonhams takes on the C-word with connoisseurship cutting through the Covid pall’, Australian Art Sales Digest, 25 Aug 2021

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Market Commentary:

'Deutscher and Hackett’s Contemporary Indigenous Photography from the Corrigan Collection breaks new ground in this exciting field’, Australian Art Sales Digest, 2 Dec 2020

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