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Accredited valuer for the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program: approved to value Australian art (painting, works on paper, prints and sculpture) after 1880; Australian painted ceramics from 1930; Australian photography after 1960; Australian indigenous art after 1970 (incl. new media), and bark paintings; all regions.

Member of the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia, Inc., NSW. Certified Practising Valuer No.441

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Member of the Art Consulting Association of Australia, Accredited Valuer No.007



ArtiFacts offers tailored services for collectors and corporate entities seeking to appraise, acquire, rationalise or capitalise in Australian art, and in particular, the specialist field of Aboriginal art, including management of sales on the growing European auction markets.

ArtiFacts’ clients benefit from Jane Raffan’s broad experience and in-depth market knowledge, drawn from over twenty years working in commercial, public sector and academic arts arenas, including publishing art market commentary.

Jane's expertise spans collection management and exhibitions logistics for the Art Gallery of NSW and managerial roles in the auction industry, including Australian art and Aboriginal art specialist. 

For clients seeking collection management services, ArtiFacts offers clients the benefit of Jane Raffan’s critical market insight and broad expertise.

ArtiFacts’ comprehensive Collection Management services include:

 Where to Buy & Sell

• Strategic advice regarding consignment and selling on the Australian and European auction markets
• Customised sales strategies or direct management of sales, Australia and Europe
• Knowledge and expertise on current market and investment trends 


 Assistance with Buying & Selling

• Advice on the practicalities of buying and selling at auction
• Provision of tailored pre-sale auction reports with objective ratings on specified lots
• Confidential auction bidding service
• Advice regarding acquisition finance options, including leasing

• Advice regarding art purchases for superannuation investment

 What to Collect

• Developing and managing collections, including advice on, and/or sourcing works
• Network of contacts with Australian and international public institutions, auction houses and dealers in the primary and secondary markets

 Managing Collections

• Curatorial services including negotiation and management of loans to exhibitions and short/long term loans to public institutions
• Advice and services for documentation, cataloguing, storage and collection care
• Logistics advice including insurance, freight, framing, lighting and installation


• Advice on cultural gift provisions and attendant donation processes

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